13 May 2005

AMmP stalled

AMmP source code will be entirely changed. Studies learned me how to code properly ;-). You can go on another project's page : ALIAS

30 December 2002

AMmP 2.0

AMmP 2.0 will come soon. There's a new concept. Be patient !

04 September 2002

New release of ammp (still alpha)

You can download ammp-1.2... There are more supports : mp3, wave, mod

03 September 2002

Visit my Homepage

My studies take me a lot of time so ammp won't be renewed... Sorry ! But... You can visit my homepage at this link : http://yohba.free.fr

07 June 2002

Thanks to sourceforge.net

Now, my project has an host. Be patient, the first release of AMmP will come soon !